COVID-19 Screening Form

Monroe Avenue Dental is doing all we can to ensure the safety of our patients and team. Below is a list of things we have done in the past and recent changes we have made to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Things we have done in the past and will continue doing:

  • Following Infection Control guidelines set forth by the CDC, OHA, OSHA, and ADA®
  • Sterilization of instruments between every patient
  • Weekly bacterial spore test of the sterilizer
  • Sanitizing operatories twice after each patient
  • Testing waterlines for bacteria
  • Proper personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Washing and sanitizing hands
  • Never reusing gloves
  • Yearly OSHA and infection control training

Changes we have made since your last dental appointment:

  • COVID-19 health screening by email or phone before your appointment
  • COVID-19 health screening when you arrive at the office
  • Daily COVID-19 health screening for our dentist and team
  • Mandatory use of hand sanitizer (or washing hands) when arriving at the office
  • Taking your temperature via a touchless thermometer when you arrive at the office
  • Rescheduling any patient who fails the COVID-19 screening
  • Removal of magazines and toys from the waiting area
  • Greater amount of time between patient appointments
  • Fewer people in the office at one time and social distancing
  • Requesting you to come to your appointment alone if possible
  • Waiting in your car for your appointment if possible — we will text or call when ready
  • Mandatory use of masks for all patients upon arrival; a mask will be provided if you do not have one
  • Use of prescription mouthwash before your appointment
  • Please note that these regulations are required by team members also

Please note other physical changes in the office:

  • A glass barrier between the waiting area and administration area
  • A new iWave filtration system; please watch the video below
  • A new Aerosol VacStation for hygiene appointments; please watch the video below
  • For restorative appointments, the use of an Isodry/Isolite unit. Please watch the video below.
  • For restorative appointments, the use of a second high speed suction
  • Team members will be wearing increased PPE including an N95 mask, a surgical mask and eye protection
  • Please note that we have a sufficient supply of PPE for several months

If you are planning to schedule an appointment with Dr. James Dinger, please fill out our COVID-19 Screening Form here:

Our dentist and team look forward to hearing from you and invite you to call (541) 754-1550 if you have any questions about our dental care in Corvallis, Oregon.